QoinPro Review – Get FREE Bitcoin!

A review of QoinPro.com. Get Free Bitcoins daily! Click either banner to join!

QoinPro states, “Simply Sign up, and get 0.00000250 Bitcoins, 0.00007672 Litecoins and 0.00604839 FeatherCoins. We will add more coins to your account every single day.”

Currently, there’s nothing more to do. You sign up and each day more Bitcoin & alt coins are added to your account balance. In the future, they plan to monetize the site, but until then, they’re being financed by private investors.

They key to QoinPro is getting referrals. They more people you’re able to sign up under you, the more per day you make. Being that this program is less than a month old, it’s been very easy to get refferals via our website, Twitter, and Facebook. Only time will tell whether this sites goal come to fruition, but they have been making consistent payouts for those who got in early, which is a great sign and helps with legitimacy. A quick explanation of bonus % for adding referrals.

Your designation depends on your Level 1 Referrals

Member 0
Supporter 3 +5%
Sr. Supporter 5 +10%
Associate 10 +15%
Sr. Associate 25 +20%
Ambassador 100 +25%
Sr. Ambassador 250 +30%

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